Lighthouse Dental Centre

Lighthouse Dental Centre

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As science has progressed so has dental equipment. Using the latest in infection control, ergonomic design and technology the clinical care is purposefully designed to be world class.

  • Langley Dental Office Storefront
  • Dental Clinic Reception Area
  • Dental Operating Room 02
  • Dental Operating Room 03
  • Dental Operating Room 04
  • Dental Operating Room 05
  • Dental Patient Wireless Headphones
  • Dental Office Side Cabinet Area
  • Dental Sterilization Station
  • Dental Office Towel Warmer
  • Dental Office Aromatherapy

Just because you’re visiting a dental office doesn’t mean that it has to be a unpleasurable experience. When you think about why you like certain places what sorts of things jump out at you.

Likely, the same things we thought of when we were designing the office. We wanted it to be a place we would choose to go so we paid special attention to the colors, the quality of light and the air fragrances while being true to our core value of providing exceptional dental care.



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