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Lighthouse Dental Centre's Promise to You

From the moment you step in to our office you'll quickly realize that there is something uniquely different about our office. Our mission statement is to provide a comfortable dental experience in a modern environment while providing the highest quality in dental care. The clean lines, refrigerated beverages, essential oil diffusion and multitude of other fine details were all introduced to reflect our goal of exceeding expectations rather than just meeting them.

We know that there are many options in the world of dentistry and sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. It's important to find that balance between care, personality and clinical excellence so we truly understand when people tell us "I just want to find a place where I see the same doctor every time, he knows my history and I know everything will be done the right way." Utilizing the latest in infection control, clinical tools and water purification you can experience the very best dentistry has to offer.

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For centuries Lighthouses have been a symbol for safety and have played a key role in guiding people in the right direction. Our hope is that our office will be the embodiment of those principles to yourself, family members and friends for years to come.

Welcome to our harbour and we hope you enjoy your time at Lighthouse Dental Centre.


The Lighthouse Dental Centre blog has been publicly recognized as #39 in the list of top 100 dental blogs for Dr. Sidhu's commitment to providing helpful and relevant information for your oral health.

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Over 5.5 million km of dental floss are purchased every year in North America. Proper flossing should require the average person to use 112 metres of floss per year yet sales data shows that the average person only uses only about 16 metres per year...

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Better brushing
Fewer cavities
Easier eating
Fewer headaches
Improved gum health
Increased self-esteem

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During an experiment conducted in Sweden, participants reported that they found it very difficult to frown when they saw other participants who were smiling. Many began to turn their mouths up without even realizing it. Start smiling and the whole world will smile with you.

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Lighthouse Dental Centre Offers a Wide Variety of Services

"Our knowledge in comprehensive dental care based on science and empirical data will always guide our decision-making."